We offer a wide range of grades for diverse applications across sectors such as packaging, agriculture, automotive, housing, healthcare, water and gas transportation, and consumer durables. Through our unique business model we address the diverse needs of our customers and facilitate value-added performance. We also have in place 360° Partnership, a customer-focused approach that ensures sustainable growth across the value chain. This approach helps us to interface with our customers by sharing knowledge and experience across markets and sectors with our associates.

Yarn and Fabrics

With myriad of design-shade combinations introduced each year in light wool, polyester wool & woolen, polyester viscose, and polyester cotton fabrics, our strength lies in constant and continuous research in both products and raw material.

Ferrous and Non-ferrous Commodities

We offer a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous commodities to various industries. The vision is to become the leading supply chain company in this industry globally.


We deal with a whole new variety of petrochemicals that cater as raw materials to various industries of India. We support their back-end operations, using our expertise vis-a-vis the given product.