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Our Company was originally incorporated as “Rangoli Tradecomm Private Limited” at Kolkata, West Bengal as a Private Limited Company under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 vide Certificate of Incorporation dated July 30, 2009 bearing Corporate Identification Number U51909WB2009PTC137310 issued by Deputy Registrar of Companies, West Bengal. Subsequently, our Company was converted into a Public Limited Company pursuant to special resolution passed by the Shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on September 24, 2020 and fresh certificate of incorporation consequently upon change of name was issued by Registrar of Companies, Kolkata dated November 09, 2020 and name of our Company was changed to “Rangoli Tradecomm Limited”. The Corporate Identification Number is U51909WB2009PLC137310. For details of incorporation, change of name and Registered Office of our Company, please refer to the chapter titled “General Information” and “Our History and Certain Other Corporate Matters” beginning on page [●] and [●] respectively of this Draft Prospectus.

Our Company is currently engaged in the trading business of Polymers and Textile products. Polymer trading business includes commodity polymer, engineering polymer & chemicals and additives while Textile trading business includes trading of yarns, threads and fabrics.

Our Company’s Registered Office is situated at Kolkata in the state of West Bengal and has 2 (two) corporate offices situated at Mumbai and Delhi. Our Company has its presence in North India, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab & also covering western regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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Business Model

Our two business models

Our Company functions on two business models for supplying Polymers and Textile products:

  1. Business 2 Business model (B2B) and
  2. Business to Customer model (B2C).

Our Company supply raw material to yarn and fabric manufacturer(s) on credit basis depending on the vendor creditability and procure the same on advance or cash on delivery basis due to which, get cash discount as well as volume benefit. In some case, our Company buys final product of the same factory and sell it to traders, semi-wholesellers and garment manufacturer.

As on the date of this Draft Prospectus, our Company have not entered into any vendor agreements. We import our products from 28 different countries of different brands all-round the world and sell in India in different regions through our sales representatives. However, we may have to change our business model as per the changes in market conditions such as faster distribution, price fluctuations and modern marketing etc.

Purchase from Importer

Import products from various countries at pre-agreed prices

Delivery of Goods

Complying to all pre-requisite conditions and adhering to laws for the custom clearances for delivery of goods

Storage @ Warehouse

Storing of goods at E-Warehouses or cargo warehouses

Quality Check

Our Company focus on the quality of the products which we supply to our vendors

Business Process

Our business process

1. Procurement of Goods:

Our Company import products from various countries at pre-agreed prices and sell it in India depending upon demand from the manufacturers and other market conditions.

2. Storing of goods at Warehouses:

We store our goods at the E-warehouses or cargo warehouses. Our Company has entered into the contract with various e-warehouses for the storage of goods. It helps us to remove the additional costs of freight, leasing of warehouses and auxiliary costs of staffing and security-check equipments. It eliminates costs of leasing or purchasing physical warehouses space and staffing costs. E-warehouses enable us to improve the inventory tracking and also prevents loss or damage of items. We also stock our goods at bonded warehouses which helps us to store the goods with complete security without having to pay custom duty until the client requires the exit of the goods as long as warehouse operators have permission from government authorities.

3. Quality Check:

Our Company focus on the quality of the products which we supply to our vendors. We check whether our products meet the specifications and requirements of our customers. At this stage, the issues are identified by following [•] & [•] measures and they are fixed before delivering it to our customers. Our Company has [•] employees who are involved in the quality check of the products.

4. Delivery of Goods:

After complying to all pre-requisite conditions and adhering to laws for the custom clearances, the goods are dispatched to the manufacturers as per the specifications and orders received from the sales agents. We operate our business mainly through our sales representatives. We have our sales representatives outspread in the regions of Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Subsisting collaborations any performance guarantee or assistance in marketing by the collaborators

As on the date of this Draft Prospectus, our Company has not formed any collaborations for any assistance in marketing the products.
However, our Company has formed network of collaborations over the time and as a result, we are able to provide materials to our customers.!

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